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Idaho Rivers United

Idaho Rivers United is a conservation organization representing all who love the freedom, adventure and solitude of Idaho's rivers. Their mission is to protect and restore the rivers of Idaho. Since their founding in 1990, IRU has become a powerful force for safeguarding Idaho's imperiled wild steelhead and salmon, protecting and enhancing stream flows and riparian areas, and defending and promoting the wild and scenic qualities of our great wild rivers. Their 3,500 members are river lovers who work together to keep our rivers healthy, full of fish and flourishing for generations to come.

As a result-driven, campaign-oriented conservation group, Idaho Rivers United has stopped construction of over 18 unnecessary and destructive new dams, led grassroots campaigns to designate and protect federal Wild & Scenic Rivers, and have been responsible for protecting over 2,200 miles of rivers as State Protected Rivers.


Idaho Conservation League

The Idaho Conservation League was founded in 1973 to “Keep Idaho Idaho.” ICL works to protect the air you breathe, the water you drink and the land you love. Knowing that the values they hold are shared by many Idahoans, they work diligently to be Idaho's leading voice for conservation. ICL's goal is to create an informed and engaged conservation majority in Idaho. By building a robust conservation community, they influence local, state and federal policies to ensure adequate protections for clean water, clean air, healthy families and Idaho's unique way of life.

With an impressive, four decade long history of accomplishments, ICL is a recognized conservation leader whose innovative and collaborative conservation work gets noticed nationwide. Their respected role in public policy complements the work by those in government, often providing a path for commonsense conservation. They’ve earned this trusted role by engaging diverse community members around common goals. Their successes come from moving past partisan labels and focusing on the values that connect us. Bridges are built from both sides. As difficult as it is to achieve, conservation values belong in the center of Idaho politics – a place where people hunt and fish, hike and camp, and otherwise treasure clean air and water.

Program areas include land, water, wildlife, mining and energy. The Earthshine Foundation supports ICL’s energy program, a long-term effort to transition Idaho away from coal and towards clean choices, like geothermal and rooftop solar, and eliminating wasted energy through conservation.


Miocean Foundation

Miocean is a nonprofit foundation that applies proven business approaches to curb the harmful effects of urban run-off pollution and, by doing so, preserve and protect Orange County's 42 miles of coastline. They are passionate about helping the ocean remain a source of well-being, enjoyment and vitality for all.

Urban run-off pollution is recognized as one of the greatest issues affecting the health of our coastlines. Miocean co-funds projects with local agency partners and directs charitable contributions to help reduce urban run-off pollution through measurable "end-of-pipe" projects, natural treatment solutions, research programs, upstream prevention and watershed education programs. By paying administrative costs themselves, they are able to direct 100% of donations to their work.


Laguna Canyon Foundation

Founded in 1991, Laguna Canyon Foundation is a nonprofit corporation with a long history of regional open space preservation. Their mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the 20,000-acre South Coast Wilderness, which faces pressure from the increasingly urban landscape of Orange County. They accomplish this mission by facilitating partnerships among state, county and municipal landowners and land managers in order to increase public awareness of wilderness. The Foundation also works with private landowners in an effort to acquire new land for the park system. They also provide the public with a wide range of interpretative activities, perform habitat restoration in select locations within the reserves, and conduct wilderness education programs for schoolchildren. The South Coast Wilderness, which is one of the last remaining undeveloped coastal canyon networks in Southern California, is one of 25 global hotspots of biodiversity and the only one located within the continental US.


Rainforest Action Network

RAN’s mission is to campaign for the forests, their inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life by transforming the global marketplace through grassroots organizing, education, and non-violent direct action. In the last two decades, they have nurtured a grassroots movement into a market force capable of convincing once intransigent corporations that environmentally and socially destructive practices are not welcome in the global marketplace. RAN’s Global Finance, Old Growth, Freedom from Oil, and Rainforest Agribusiness Campaigns work together to fundamentally change the relationship between the global marketplace and the natural world. Their Global Finance Campaign seeks to establish international standards for sustainable finance and convince private banks to redirect the flow of capital away from destructive operations and towards renewable energies and other sustainable alternatives. RAN’s Old Growth Campaign works to convince important segments of the forest products industry to engage in long-term solutions for the preservation of our world’s most vital forests. The Freedom from Oil Campaign is working to green the auto industry with a mandate to improve fuel economy and dramatically reduce vehicle greenhouse gas emissions. And the Rainforest Agribusiness Campaign is working to defend forests, family farmers and our climate from the socially and environmentally devastating practices employed by the industrial agribusiness industry. In particular, the campaign focuses on the threats to forests and communities posed by the expansion of industrial soy in South America and palm oil in Southeast Asia, the Pacific and beyond.


Amigos Bravos

Amigos Bravos’ mission is to return New Mexico’s rivers and the Río Grande watershed to drinkable quality wherever possible and to contact quality everywhere else; to see that natural flows are maintained and where those flows have been disrupted by human intervention to see that they are regulated to protect and reclaim the river ecosystem by approximating natural flows; to preserve and restore the native riparian and riverine biodiversity; to support the environmentally sound and sustainable traditional ways of life of indigenous cultures; and to ensure that environmental justice and social justice go hand-in-hand.

Founded in 1988, Amigos Bravos is a statewide organization (501c3) with offices in Taos and Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are dedicated to restoring and preserving the ecological and cultural integrity of New Mexico’s rivers and watersheds, and are recognized nationally as a model for linking environmental protection with social equity principles. With a staff of seven and over 1600 members, they are well-respected for their innovative approaches to solving river and water issues and for their leadership in the effort to ensure that impacted communities – particularly Native nations and largely Hispanic land-based communities – have the technical knowledge and organizational capacity to defend the waters that sustain their societies and cultures. In New Mexico, rivers are the lifeblood of their communities.

Amigos Bravos has a vision of New Mexico’s rivers and streams running so clear and clean that you can bend a knee to the water, cup your hands, and drink without fear. Realizing this vision – which was a reality in northern New Mexico only one lifetime ago – requires the wisdom, knowledge, and participation of all New Mexicans in the effort to address the social and political pressures poisoning our waters.


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