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Root Capital

Root Capital is a non-profit social investment fund that is pioneering finance for grassroots business in developing countries. They transform rural communities in poor, environmentally vulnerable places, by providing capital and connections to farmer and artisan associations and other small businesses. By working with small and growing businesses, Root Capital aims to fill the “missing middle” of finance in developing countries – the underserved gap between microfinance and commercial banking. They also build local talent and business skills so people with little to no formal education can compete in the global marketplace: connecting their enterprise to buyers and banks, and dramatically improving livelihoods for rural communities. Ultimately, financial markets will see their success, and adopt and enhance Root Capital’s work.



Nepal S.E.E.D.S. is a U.S.-based non-profit corporation dedicated to providing assistance to needy communities in rural Nepal. Their mission is to deliver cost-efficient, grass-roots projects that foster indigenous knowledge through culturally appropriate health care, educational, and environmental projects. S.E.E.D.S’ approach to new project proposals is to encourage villagers to propose projects to their board of directors. Through a dialogue they arrive at solutions that are economically feasible, sustainable, and sensitive to local cultural concerns. Their strategy has proven successful as S.E.E.D.S. has been able to adapt to the changing and unpredictable circumstances that have been plaguing Nepal for over fifteen years.


Youth Services Network

Youth Services Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving child victims of severe abuse, neglect and abandonment. Their live-in population of boys ranges in age from eleven to seventeen who are considered high-risk abused children with serious emotional problems. Youth Services Network is founded on the value and principle that every child is worthy of dignity, love and support, and that without these qualities present, the life of each child is diminished, and so too are we. The mission of Youth Services Network is to restore youth to lives of purpose, meaning and opportunity. Their vision is to create a self-sufficient charitable organization in partnership with the communities it serves so that together they can meet the needs of children and families in crisis.


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