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The Earthshine Foundation programs areas can be divided into the following categories; however, they are often interrelated. For example, fighting poverty, protecting the environment and promoting peace often go hand in hand.

The following is a list of program areas currently supported by the Earthshine Foundation. Choose from the menu tabs above to see a sample of some of the organizations doing tremendous work in each of these four areas.

At the Earthshine Foundation, we believe that our quality of life is directly related to the health of our environment. We support organizations that promote a vision of long-term sustainability as opposed to short-sighted depletion of our natural resources and heritage. We also believe that environmental protection makes economic sense in the long run, as the true costs of pollution and environmental destruction are often hidden or do not manifest themselves until many years or decades later.

Human Services / Poverty
The Earthshine Foundation focuses its efforts on building sustainable economic systems rather than assisting with immediate disaster relief. Based on our experience, we believe that most people have the desire and willingness to work hard to lift themselves out of poverty. Sometimes outside assistance is needed to remove barriers that can hold people or entire communities down. Fighting poverty requires education and opportunity. We are proud to support organizations that provide both, thereby unlocking the potential of those most in need.

The Earthshine Foundation supports educational programs that align with our mission: promoting a healthy planet for all of its inhabitants. This can include educational programs focusing on areas such as fighting disease, protecting our natural environment, increasing economic empowerment or understanding different cultures.

The Earthshine Foundation believes in the promotion of peace. Besides the horrific loss of human life caused by war, global conflicts create poverty, put entire populations at greater risk of disease and are often very destructive to the environment. The Earthshine Foundation focuses on programs that reduce the proliferation of weapons, and that promote understanding and discourse in order to reduce violence and conflict.

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